Nomad Leather

The Nomad Leather collection is created as a counter response to the usually luxurius idea of placing leather within the modern design scene.

Creating objects with interior context in mind where the function is not clearly specified – it focuses on the usage of leather in the nomadic context and transporting it into the today’s realm.

Nomadic vibe is not only visible through the outlook of the pieces but also in the idea of creating the objects that could be easily assembled for the usage within the contemporary interior.

To achieve the natural placement of the leather – the details were carefully thought out. The final outcome presents leather as resting effortlessly on the construction rather than being attached to it.

With this in mind the Nomad Leather focuses on reducing the actions that are meant to harm the natural apperance of the leather and the assembly procceses required to create functional furniture.

The skeletons of the objects are put together without any screws or bolts to reduce the actions needed for assembling its parts.