Interstitial House

Designing a house in the vibrant and still growing Merchant City district of Glasgow presented great opportunity to draw upon the industrial heritage of the location but even more importantly to face the challenge of providing the feel of security and privacy for its occupants.

Creation of the interior as the fundamental part of the project was translated later into the shell of the building for achieving the well balanced design for the modern domestic environment.

Organization and spatial circulation of the space, where the three floors were the main requirement of the brief, were crucial aspect while forming the concept of the space.

Additionaly the idea of taking the design language from the inside – out informed the shape of the facade elevation that works as the main protective element for the site not limiting at the same time the amount of natural sun light.

To maximize the usage of the space – the sliding panels were introduced instead of the tradional door system.

Frosted glass used for the panels as well as for some other elements of the interior provided the extra light and ventilation within the constrained site.