Arches – show

The presentation of the Arches project took place in June 2018 as part of the Glasgow School of Art Degree Show. The single edition of the book displaying the concept was accompanied with the series of cast models demonstrating variety of spatial solutions. 

The scale and materiality of the models was determined by the character and language used within the actual space. Different technics used to create the physical representation of the space were meant to limit the digital prototyping technics to escape the extreme precision of such tools in forming the presentation language.  

In this way – the model becomes the physical and scaled manifestation of the richness of forms and elevations within the space that are juxtaposed with the minimalism and honesty of materials and colour palette. 

The publication presenting the Arches project was created as a bespoke book that exhibits the concept in an honest and coherent way. It takes a reader for a journey that offers similar experience as a movie script – displaying the space in order to follow its actual circulation. 

The graphical language that was chosen to represent the space was a combination of the realistic renderings, model–like graphics and linear drawings of a technical details. Such combination responds well to the character of the project, its aesthetics and motivations behind it.