The experience of a modern city
landscape is inseparably united with its economics and commercial gain that is necessary in order for the city to function and expand. However, the alternative usage of interior space within the centres of today’s cities shrinks rapidly and does not provide any real non–profit based alternative.

The creation of a modern temple, a space with special evocative qualities was the core of designing the Arches complex. The indoor park, daydreaming place and undefined gallery space melt into one. Focusing simultaneously on the presence of the individual and forming potential communities – the Arches serves the social and cultural function within the city of Glasgow.  

The language behind the form making and its gestures that invite and propose rather than force to make a move and define certain action in the space became the driving force of the concept for the whole structure. The typical context for continuity of such places as the set of railway arches defined strongly the new circulation and recurrence of motives within the space. 

Submerged in the utopian character of creating the project that could question, but not exactly deliver a straight and concrete answers, I decided not to accept some reality–based limitations and propose a slightly idealized ideas and solutions that could potentially exhibit the alternative path when it comes to designing a space for human interaction.

Literal manifestation of the idea
where the exterior and interior create total integrity is delivered with the introduction of a planting system to the space, and its connection to the rooftop park through the void in the arch structure. Sensation that removes the concrete treshold between what is in and out reflects the initial essence of the opening within the arches

The placement of the rooftop park expands even further the concept for merging the internal structure with its external shell. 

Among great amount of considerations that were applied to the thought process behind the project – the idea of a lifespan and longstanding quality of the design was at its forefront. This matter seemed important especially after close examination of the nature of conditions that are present in the vast majority of structures in Laurieston area.

Sustainable term understood here as a solid execution that is resistant to the time lapse, marked the decisions taken to resolve some of the ideas within the space.

Solid and heavy presence of the arches’ construction itself is mirrored in the delivery of a new structures within the space.

Strong focus on physical presence of the space also works against the modern discourse of digitalization of the physical environments. Today the closed inhabited space does not limit itself with the spatial boundaries. The idea of digital induced dislocation and broadening the space of commercial nature exceeded the traditional perception of the place.
The Arches work against such direction. 
Strong relationship between the external conditions and forces of nature that shape the context for the structure and its interior is one of the focus points of the project. 

The ideas of acoustics, tresholds, weather conditions, humidity, and quite special character of the arch structure were the forming factor for not only the design decisions but the whole concept for the place itself.  

The interior furniture elements are carefully designed to create different notions and levels of privacy and engagement in the forming of social character of the space. Its outlook tries to blend the ideas of outdoor leisure environments and typical hospitality interiors.