Being the great enthusiast of all creative human activities I try to draw and reflect upon my constant search for knowledge and inspiration within my design work.

I do believe that as designers we should shape the way people approach and experience the environments and raise the overall awareness of a design quality. As for interior designer, my main focus leads towards the spatial concerns and understanding of our behaviour within the great variety of environments. I am passionate about the way people inhabit spaces and possibility of shaping their daily habits with the use of design.

While searching for the answers and reasons behind any design action I do stay confident that the binary opposition between good and bad design exist and its recognition is especially crucial in our modern times. Delivering the concepts and ideas that draw upon this belief and propose the beneficial and significant change has been the great motivation behind my design practice and every day routine. 
The Glasgow School of Art Ba(Hons)
- Interior Design 2014–2018

Four–By–Two Edinburgh

For the greater and more detailed insight into my design process and biography info – please enquire for the physical or digital portfolio.